BLE Heart rate graph in javascript

HR – Plot multiple bluetooth heart rate monitors on a graph

Here it is, if you want to try it.

It is just a html page with all the bluetooth and stats done using javascript so it runs entirely in your browser. No cookies, server side anything, tracking (unless you load the maps), costs or adverts.

It looks a bit like this with 3 devices all connected at once:

Heart rate graph screen dump

Heart rate graph screen dump

It can handle the ”upload” of multiple gpx track and plot the heart rate from those as well as map them. Again nothing is actually uploaded – it is all browser based javascript. Not very pretty either and a bit buggy..

Sie file dodackey

I did some work on it, the sie file thingy, still lots to go though.

Turning the swedish parts of utf-8 into PC8 (cp437)  with javascript:

retval='"ÅÄÖåäö" ';
document.write('I want ' + retval + ' encoded in pc8  = ');
retval = retval.replace(/Å/g, '&#x8f;').replace(/Ä/g,'&#x8e;').replace(/Ö/g,  '&#x99;').replace(/å/g,'&#x86;').replace(/ä/g,'&#x84;').replace(/ö/g,'&#x94;');
document.write(retval +  '');